“A Strong Grip on Performance, with Uncompromising Quality”

CrosbyIP Lifting Clamps

Although Crosby began marketing the CrosbyIP brand of lifting clamps in May 2005, IP clamps have long been known for innovation, quality, service and reliability. With over 40 years in the business, IP knows what it takes to provide a quality lifting clamp.

Now known as CrosbyIP Lifting Clamps, no other brand can provide you the level of expertise you require for your daily rigging needs. It is our goal to insure that CrosbyIP clamps are seen as the premier lifting clamp, around the world.

CrosbyIP clamps are of the highest quality, and have been ergonomically designed to be user friendly (smaller, lighter and more compact), while not sacrificing strength and durability.

Lifting Clamps and Their Application

CrosbyIP lifting clamps are available in a variety of models to allow the lifting and transferring of steel plates and other materials in a wide variety of industries. These industries include ship building, offshore, aircraft, construction and metal-processing.